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The ridiculous beauty of chamomile, she is delicate, soft, an encourager of relaxation, a gentle digestive soother and a potent ally for the nervous system. It helps reduce the body’s reaction to stress. Chamomile contains an abundance of Apigenin a bioflavonoid which has remarkable anti-inflammatory effects. It is also one of the best herbs for sleeplessness.

Lavender is a herb for optimism. It has the unique ability to help us identify the worries we hold and let them go or atleast set them aside for a while. It helps us relax enough to actually feel whatever we’ve been resisting. When we resist our emotions, tension and stress build in the body and through the very act of feeling our emotions, they are often times transformed.

“The sweet spirit of lavender uplifts and balances emotions, eases mild depression and restores strength and vitality. It’s like a mother’s hand on your back, gentle and loving, yet strong and supportive.”

Licorice is a magical plant. It is an incredible herb; it is calming, nourishing, soothing, moistening, balancing and rejuvenating. Licorice makes a formula more effective, it is considered to enhance the power of synergy between the different herbs in a blend and is used as a harmonising herb. Licorice possesses the ability to slow cortisol breakdown, supporting adrenal depletion and alleviating the stress response.

chamomile / hibiscus / lavender / lemon balm / spearmint / peppermint / orange peel / licorice root


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