Our Story

Raya began as a labour of love.

It found it’s footing in our lives because of an
endeavour we undertook to provide a healthier and
cleaner alternative nutrition source for my son, a
professional footballer, currently training and playing
in Portugal.

“Anything you are trying to build in life is to truly be in complete embodiment of it. And let
that be the testament that speaks for itself.”

This resonates with us deeply and we believe Raya has received the love and adoration it
has, for the same reason and we are truly grateful for it.

I have always remained mindful about our lifestyle as a family and have from the beginning made a conscious effort to procure ingredients from the cleanest source I could discover. And using those ingredients it has always been a favourite activity of ours to come up with fun recipes, just healthier and if you ask us, much tastier!

So when the dilemma arose of how to include all the nutrition Shaunak needs in his diet, without going out and picking up energy snacks with the artificial flavouring and preservatives most of them are made with, my daughter simply suggested that I make them at home.

This is the story of how Raya began. Made by hand, with a lot of heart.

Sheer uniqueness
It has indeed been a fantastic association between NICE and Raya and we deeply appreciate your creative ideas and high quality products. You have very nicely summarized all the events that stood out because of the sheer uniqueness of the Raya food products and the presentation. You are doing an exceptional job and I look forward to your continued support in our endeavor to provide the very best to our employees.
Jaya, NICE
Best tasting and best buy!!
"Raya Products" so far the best tasting and best buy for its countless nutritional reasons. It's not just a snack but used typically as work out fuel. The energy bar and dry fruits mix is a must try, it's ideal for people born to be on the move. Instead of binging on processed snacks, Raya Products are the best option. I will definitely recommend Raya for its power packed Mix.
Nital Raval, Biorhythm
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