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pure grace


The story

A blend of divine, regal, heart-opening herbs.

The graceful unfurling roseand hibiscus petals bloom effortlessly and radiate pink joy.

There is a reason why roses have been used for centuries as a symbol of love. Roses impart a deep vibrational imprint that resonates with ‘Sadhaka Pitta’ which governs the emotions and their effects on the heart. The tender, cooling properties of this romantic plant inspire a deep sense of calm within the home of our feelings which also helps to balance hormones and create an intrinsic state of well-being.

Hibiscus flowers help purify the blood and the heart, physically and spiritually.

Shatavari bestows a beautiful and calming energy, a potent adaptogenic herb to help the body and mind to gracefully move through life and all of it’s phases.

Licorice is a ‘sattvic’ in quality. It calms the mind and nurtures the spirit.

hibiscus / rose / peppermint / spearmint, shatavari root / licorice root


1 review for pure grace

  1. Priyanka

    Calming and soothing..love this tea.♥️♥️

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