pure charm botanical tea

Net Weight: 100g

pure charm botanical tea

Net Weight: 100g


The story

Jasmine is a love drawing herb, strongly cooling and calming. Jasmine evokes love and compassion in an individual due to its ‘sattvic’ quality.

Herb of the sun, calendula. It holds the spirit of the sun in it’s flowers. It holds the power to instantly enhance your mood, uplift your spirits and nourish the sacral chakra, the hub of internal light.

A mood enhancer, lemon balm has calming and anxiety-reducing properties. Lemon balm can nourish and strengthen the body and mind, relieving nervous tension.

Rose enlivens inner beauty, helps the skin to radiate inner glow, and enhances all seven dhatus (body tissues).

Red clover has long been associated with mystical protection. It is one of the best cleansers and detoxifiers.

The mints have a mild soothing action on the nerves and digestion, which helps relax the body and clear the mind and senses. Mints contain large amounts of the element of ether, whose action is soothing, cooling, clarifying and expanding. Through their ethereal nature they help relieve mental and emotional tension and congestion. They are usually used with other herbs in an auxiliary role as harmonizing agents or as ‘anupanas’.

jasmine / calendula / lemon balm / rose / red clover / peppermint / spearmint / licorice root



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pure charm botanical tea

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