Real Food

man-made or nature-made?

“Food unfolds cellular awareness. Every food we eat has a spiritual and energetic effect on the body, mind and consciousness.”

– Dr. Lad

Real food is tradition, its art and ritual. Its a way to find connection.

If you’re confused about what to eat, a simple principle is to ask yourself the question: is this man-made or nature-made?

When reading food labels, the ingredients list should be our prime focus and not the “nutrition facts” that are mostly designed and developed under huge food industry lobby efforts to confuse and confound our efforts to eat healthy. Avoiding foods with more than five ingredients on the label, unless they are all things you recognise, such as water, salt, tomatoes, basil, oregano, is in our best interest.If you don’t recognise an ingredient, cant pronounce it, or if you don’t use it in your kitchen and you wouldn’t use it in a recipe – maltodextrin or stearoyl lactylate, for instance – then it is best to try and avoid buying it.

“Look at the end of your fork — is this what you want to make your brain out of ?”

– Drew Ramsey, MD, Psychiatrist, Farmer

Not all processed and packaged foods are bad. People have been processing food virtually from day one. Until refrigeration, it was the only way we had of preserving perishables to eat later. Cooking is a form of processing, so are curing, drying, smoking, fermenting—the list goes on. Whole foods processed using traditional methods and ingredients are not something we need to avoid. Some processing actually improves food by making its nutrients more available or potent. We just have to understand which processed foods we can safely eat and which ones we should avoid.

Let’s heal with food.

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